IBM 3650 - Hypervisor is not running

by Jacob Laue Petersen 8. June 2010 12:41

Today I came across this somewhat “classic” error when deploying a new Hyper-V server. When firing up a VM you receive this error message: An error occurred while attempting to start the selected virtual machine(s). In details it says that the hypervisor is not running.


When receiving this error please make sure that…

  • Hyper-V server has been powered down and up after adding the Hyper-V role. A simple restart won't be enough.
  • Bios settings is correct. This is a sample from an IBM 3650 (Intel proc). Enable “Execute Disable Bit” and enable “Intel Virtualization Technology".

A sample from AMD based proc will followSmile




Virtual Hard Disk performance white paper from Microsoft

by Jacob Laue Petersen 3. June 2010 00:53

Microsoft has released a white paper which compares the different disk type to use in Hyper-V R1 and R2. It covers dynamic VHD disks, fixed size VHD disks and raw devices, and measures performance on different kind of server workloads.

A very interesting white paper – happy readingSmile



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